Hatler 5.0

  • New games
  • New filters
  • And tons of UX improvements and fixes

Hatler 4.0

  • New game: Artifact
  • New game: BATTALION 1944
  • New game: Black Squad
  • New game: Day of Infamy
  • New game: Islands of Nyne
  • New game: Natural Selection 2
  • New game: Rocket League (partial)
  • New game: SteamVR
  • New game: Warframe
  • New method: Comments
  • New method: Names
  • New method: Reviews
  • New filter: Online state
  • New filter: Community ban
  • New filter: Vac ban
  • New filter: Comments state
  • New filter: Friends’ levels
  • New filter: Showcase panels
  • New filter: reputation
  • New filter: reputation
  • New filter: popularity
  • New filter: Opskins shop owner
  • Counter-Strike: Dopplers’ phases support
  • Dota 2: Kinetic gems support
  • Gifts: Regions support
  • Software: Now you can scan more than one game
  • Software: Now you can pause scans
  • Software: Now you can add proxies during scans
  • Software: Now you can add proxies without checking them
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 3.2

  • Price filter: Now works with OPSkins

Hatler 3.1

  • New filter: reputation (it’s a csgolounge for H1Z1)
  • Software: SOCKS support
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 3.0

  • More games
  • More filters
  • More features
  • Just take a look at new screenshots
  • Also now it works on Mac

Hatler 2.8

  • New filter: Only online users
  • New filter: Hide users without two-factor authentication
  • H1Z1: Splitted to two games, as devs did
  • Dotabuff: Now works as it should

Hatler 2.7

  • New target: Steam Coupons
  • New target: Don’t Starve Together
  • New target: Killing Floor 2
  • New target: Natural Selection 2
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 2.6

  • New filter: Country
  • New filter: Number of groups
  • New filter: Dota 2, TF2, CS:GO hours (extra filters, in addition to default)
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 2.5

  • New filter: Profile’s level
  • New button: Open
  • New button: Open
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 2.4

  • New target: Steam Gifts
  • New target: Steam Cards, Emoticons, Etc
  • New target: PAYDAY 2
  • New target: BattleBlock Theater
  • New target: Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
  • New target: Altitude0: Lower and Faster
  • New target: Ratz Instagib 2.0
  • New target: Subnautica
  • New filter: Year of creation
  • New filter: Number of games
  • New labels: Country, years, hours
  • Counter-Strike: Stickers
  • Counter-Strike: New “Open CSGO Stats” button
  • Dota: New “Open Dotabuff” button
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 2.3

  • New target: Rust
  • New target: H1Z1
  • New target: Primal Carnage: Extinction
  • New target: Path of Exile
  • New target: Sins of a Dark Age
  • New target: Warframe
  • New target: Unturned
  • Software: Fixed some issues

Hatler 2.2

  • Software: Friends filter will filter out users with N friends and more
  • Software: Items filter will filter out users with N items and more
  • Software: Dota2lounge, tf2outpost and csgolounge shortcuts

Hatler 2.1

  • Software: Now Hatler can scan anyone’s friend…
  • Software: And Dotabuff (any Dota 2 matches)…
  • Software: And every Steam user (literally)!
  • Software: New column “hours last weeks” in addition to “hours”.
  • Software: Marks for untradable, uncraftable and original (never traded) items.
  • Software: Proxy Checker now works x20 faster.
  • Software: You can set “N threads”, instead of setting “N threads per proxy”.
  • Software: You can filter out users by offline and hours…
  • Software: And without current game!
  • Counter-Strike: New column “Kills”
  • Counter-Strike: Mark “StatTrak” for Stattrak knives now works right
  • Team Fortress: New column “Level” to show item’s level
  • Dota: Colors for Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm (Terrorblade Arcana)

Hatler 1.3

  • Software: Hours and online status.
  • Software: Proxy lists! More speed! More threads!
  • Software: Collecting users from groups takes x20 less time.
  • Software: No more drops while scanning. You’ll never lose any user even if your connection sux.
  • Software: Database! Now Hatler stores your scans.
  • Counter-Strike: Now you can search just “| Fade”, not “Glock | Fade”
  • Team Fortress: Added “Open” button
  • Dota: “Open Market Page” button now opens exactly that effect and color for current courier

Hatler 1.2

  • Software: Fixed bug when scan stops on connection problems.
  • Software: More speed! More fun!
  • Counter-Strike: “Market” button, now it works properly even with styles.

Hatler 1.1

  • Software: Added some cool buttons (like “Open Market Page”).
  • Software: Fixed some issues (like too slow “stopping”).
  • Dota: New Effects policy.
  • Dota: New Colors policy (with new names).
  • Counter-Strike: New Rarity (Souvenir).