What is Hatler?

Hatler is a tool for traders

Hatler is a Steam items scanner that is used to check massive count of inventories. How much can you check by hands? Now think how much a machine can check for that time!

Why should I use it?

There are a lot trading sites, yeah, we all know about them. Sites where you’re trading with guys, who play Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 or CS:GO and who know about trading. But what if one guy got an epic item and doesn’t even know about it? What if he left? That’s why you need to find that guy!

How it works?

All you need is a list of users. You can get it from Steam groups, Source servers, Dotabuff matches and so on. Then enter the list in a program and let it to scan.

What is the price and how can I get it?

If you have questions, just contact me. If not, visit the store. Hatler’s price is 8$ per month.

Why should I trust you?

I’m working on Hatler since January of 2013 and don’t advertize myself. Probably if you’re here, your friend told you about it. In other cases you can check my +reps in Steam group or VK group.